Vacation times

Vacation means rest. Or does it? I remember when I was a teenager, there were times when I was bored because I didn't have anything to do. Nowadays, it's more a question of "what has to be done now" versus "what should be done soon" and somewhere I am sometimes able to ponder "what would I like to do". So vacation now typically means dealing with a long list of projects.

For a brief stint I was a bit annoyed with Odoo, which is our ERP that we also use to produce this website. Having already looked at Dolibarr and discarded it, I now tried to take a look at ERPnext. However, ERPnext just won't install for me, and perhaps for the better because when I read others who claim to have succeeded they say it is unbearably slow to run on the Raspberry Pi. So we are back to Odoo after all.

A new laptop is on the way here. My plan is to use it for writing my books. Those books are a growing list of projects, because I keep adding ideas and I don't have time to finish the ideas I already have. But some of them have been moving forward, and they will hopefully appear in our web shop one by one.