New year, new homepage
Don't stop moving

When we started Attaluck in 2017 we had never tried to sell anything online before. So we followed the recommendations of those that sell online services and paid for a web shop, domain, and advertising on Google and Facebook. It ended up costing a bundle, and didn't bring enough customers to finance the advertising costs. Just looking at ourselves, we are fed up with all the advertising that goes on online and we never pay attention to it, so we should have figured this out before hand I guess.

With some experience, we started looking at options. I quickly arrived at Dolibarr, which is a complete solution for all the things you need when you run a business. Dolibarr is open source, which feels like an added bonus if the need would arise to tweak it to our needs. We shut down the web shop we were paying for, expecting to move to Dolibarr, but then life happened and we just didn't have time to do anything about it.

We were late in joining the hype about Raspberry Pi, but after getting a few of those at home we arrived at a conclusion that this is a great way to keep our own internet server. However, deploying Dolibarr on the Pi turned out to be quite a chore. Odoo, on the other hand, is much less of a chore.

Odoo is pretty much the same as Dolibarr, except that many of the things that come for free in Dolibarr are "Enterprise" functions that require a subscription in Odoo. Both are open source ERP software and quite comparable. Since Odoo was easier to setup on the Pi, we moved over.

After some time of tweaking all the settings, here you have it, our new home page which we expect to start filling out soon (tm). With the limited time we have on our hands, it may take a while, but we feel confident that this platform is a good choice for us.

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